Matt Pollard - That would be me

Welcome. Big Friendly Grub is a website that subscribes to the idea that, with a little time and patience, anyone can cook anything. I’m not a professional baker or a chef by any means, so if I can make these recipes, then so can you.

Hi, my name is Matthew, but I prefer to be called Matt, and I’m a Web Designer by trade, but my passions are gaming, wrestling and cooking. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to wrestle but I do know to cook, so I created this site as an outlet for my passion, a place to put my ideas, and as a way to share them. This page started off being called If You Smell What is Cooking but it’s grown and evolved since then and was renamed to Big Friendly Grub as it fits not only my personality, but the food I try to create.

I’ve often heard people say “oh, I can’t cook”, or “baking is really hard” or “I’m too busy to cook” or other similar excuses for not being able to cook. But I feel that everyone should know how to cook as there’s few things more rewarding to not only be able to cook for yourself, but for your friends and loved ones as well.

When I first moved out of my parents’ house at the age of 24, I had barely cooked a meal for myself, and even then it wasn’t anything more complicated than a simple stir-fry. But once I moved out and didn’t have the luxury of my mother’s amazing cooking, I soon discovered that not only that I could cook for myself, but it was also a lot of fun, rewarding and that I wasn’t actually bad at it. Over a decade later, I find myself making all manner of creations, with my main love being for baking, and I’m still learning and discovering new recipes and techniques even now.

I’m always looking to improve my recipes, so if you have any feedback about what worked, or what didn’t work, then I’d be happy to hear about it in the recipe comments or via the contact form.

My Latest Recipes