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How to… make your own Vanilla Extract

When you’re a baker, there are some ingredients that are staples in your kitchen – flour, sugar, eggs, yeast, salt, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and vanilla extract. If you’re making a cake, scones, tarts – or anything on the sweet side – you’ll likely put vanilla extract in it, even if it’s not a primarily vanilla flavour you’re after, vanilla extract will give your bake a bit of lift.…

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How to make… Sourdough Starter

I thought I’d kick off the blog proper with something that had eluded me for the longest time as a baker (well, amateur baker) and that’s Sourdough. I’d tried on two prior occasions to keep my own sourdough culture, and on both occasions it ended up going too sour and just smelling, and tasting, rancid. However,  in my case, the third time had indeed been the charm and through a…

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