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Mulled Wine

At the time of writing, this is the first year where I have quit alcohol completely. But, one of my favourite things about Christmas is Mulled Wine… not because of the booze, but because of the wonderful Christmassy flavours and how beautiful and warming it is. So, I decided to make a version with Alcohol-Free Red Wine, and it worked brilliantly! But, best of all, this is also perfect if…

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Drinks/ Featured

Still Lemonade

Spring is finally upon us, and even though the British weather is dicier than a Dungeons & Dragons convention, it won’t stop us from dashing out into the garden and inviting our friends for a Barbecue as soon as there’s a glimpse of sun. While there will be beers and Pimms as far as the eye can see, what can you serve to those who can’t or don’t drink but will be lovely and refreshing…

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