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Stilton & Walnut Rolls

You can’t beat nice, crusty white rolls. From a home for bacon and brown sauce to cure your hangover, to something you can dunk in your soup, or just with a bit of butter – they’re versatile and filling. But there’s more to life than just plain crusty rolls. One of my favourites are these Stilton & Walnut rolls which are brilliant with bacon, and stunning with soup. They take a little time to prepare, but they’re worth every moment.

Stilton & Walnut Rolls

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Serves: 12 rolls Cooking Time: 20 mins


  • 300g Strong White Bread Flour
  • 200g Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour
  • 10g Salt
  • 21g Fast Action Dried Yeast
  • 60g Softened Unsalted Butter
  • 300ml Water
  • 100g Stilton Cheese, Chopped
  • 100g Walnuts, Chopped



Add the flours into a bowl, and add the yeast to one side of the bowl, and the salt to the other side of the bowl, making sure not to put one on top of the other, then add the butter to the bowl.


Gradually add the water to the bowl while slowly combining the ingredients. If you're using a stand mixer, have it on a medium-slow speed. Keep adding the water until the dough leaves the bowl clean. You may not need all of the water.


Now, either tip the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes. Or, leave the mixer to knead the dough for around 5 - 8 minutes.


Place the dough into a bowl, and cover with lightly oiled cling film or place into a large plastic bag and leave to rise for 1 hour.


After 1 hour, chop the stilton and the walnuts - you don't want either to be too fine, but you don't want them to be too chunky either.


Thoroughly combine the stilton and nuts with the dough. The best way to do this is to stretch the dough out, as if kneading, and then fold the ingredients into it over and over until they're all thoroughly mixed into the dough evenly. The dough will be really sticky and messy as you add the stilton, but bear with it. Keep some flour handy to stop the mixture from sticking to your hands. Then place the dough back into the bowl for another hour.


Line two baking trays with baking paper, and divide the dough into 12 even pieces by weighing the dough, or by eye if you're confident enough. then, with a little flour on your hands, shape into balls of even size and place onto the baking trays and leave to rise for 1 more hour.


Before the end of the rise, preheat the oven to 220° (200°C fan assisted)/425°F/Gas Mark 7 and add a small roasting tin to the bottom of the pan. Before the rolls go into the oven, sprinkle lightly with some flour and crumble a little stilton onto the tops of the rolls. Once the oven has come to it's full heat, pour some water into the roasting tin to create steam, and then bake the rolls for 15 - 20 minutes. Then transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool.

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