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Toast Curry from Pokemon Sword & Shield

Even if you’ve never ever played the games, seen the cartoon, or bought of the merchandise I can absolutely guarantee that you’ve heard from Pokemon! It’s in inescapable – from the hoards of Pokemon Go players that swarmed the streets to the recent Detective Pikachu film which was much better than it had any right to be, Pokemon is all around. And the most recent way to grab your money…

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Beef Massaman Curry

I love curries, but I must confess to usually making Indian style curries at home – Jalfrezi, Rogan Josh, Tikka Masala… they’re all regular favourites in my house. But I so often overlook curries from other parts of Asia, and the Thai-originating Massaman Curry is one that I have oft overlooked. So I wanted to rectify that by making my take on that curry and using as many authentic ingredients…

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Cauliflower, Sweet Potato & Mushroom Curry

I’m a huge lover of indian food, and I’ve got quite a few indian recipes on the site now but, as of writing, I’ve got only one vegetarian curry on the site and it’s more Far East Asia inspired. Indian food lends itself so beautifully to vegetarian dishes, and this recipe for Cauliflower, Sweet Potato & Mushroom Curry is one I put together myself one evening when my vegetarian friend…

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Chicken Tikka Masala

The origins of Chicken Tikka Masala has been debated time and time again – some say that it originated in the Punjab region of India, and some say it originated in a restaurant in Glasgow. But no matter where it originated from, there’s no disputing the fact that it’s one of the UK’s most popular dishes, whether it’s ordered in a restaurant or made at home, it’s eaten all over…

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