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Back in my boozey, pub-going days a Doner Kebab was the way to end a heavy night of drinking. Those days are well behind me now, but a Doner Kebab still remains a guilty pleasure – but it shouldn’t be because the Doner Kebab is actually a wonderful meal when it’s done well. It just has a reputation as a dirty, unhealthy meal due to it’s association with the drunken…

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Featured/ Lamb/ Main Dishes/ Recipes

Doner Kebab

We’ve all been there. You’ve gone for a night out, the “quick one” after work has turned into a big drinking session, and you’ve got that craving for a dirty kebab, which then you wake up with stuck to your face then next morning after you pass out in it. Oh. Oh… so that’s just me then? Anyway, despite the Doner Kebab’s stereotype as something you grab after a boozey…

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