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Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée – at it’s heart, it’s pretty simple to make! It’s just a custard covered in caramelised sugar – literally just a handful of ingredients. But it can be little tricky to get spot on. But when you do, it’s an amazing dessert – delicious, creamy custard covered in a wonderful, sugary shell. It’s a lot of fun to make too – especially if you own a blowtorch so…

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Brioche is a wonderful enriched bread of French origin – made with eggs, butter and sugar to give a wonderfully rich and light and fluffy texture – which has become an extremely popular loaf to use not just for eating by itself, but many eating establishments now prefer to use Brioche buns for their burgers or Brioche rolls for their Hot Dogs. It can also be used as an ingredients…

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