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Aubergine, Halloumi & Sweet Pepper Sandwich

I love sandwiches. I think, as a category of food, they’re my favourite food because there is so much you can do with them. But, I must confess, that more often and not have meat in some form in my sandwiches. But, in attempt to be a little healthier, and just mix things up a little, I decided that I’d find more vegetarian options as sandwich fillings. No-one wants a…

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Featured/ Main Dishes/ Recipes/ Vegetarian

Fried Halloumi with Lemon & Caper Vinegarette

Halloumi is, unquestionably, one of my favourite cheese. But it is also, undeniably, an unusual cheese. Whereas most cheeses you can enjoy to their fullest straight out of the packet, you don’t realise how great Halloumi is until you cook it. It’s probably one of the few cheese that I can think of where you can fry it and it’ll hold it’s shape – which means it’s great for vegetarian…

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