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Lemon, Coconut & Thyme Drizzle Cake

Everyone loves a Lemon Drizzle Cake, but this cake is a little bit more out there if you fancy getting a little more experimental with your flavours. With the addition of coconut – which makes for a wonderful texture – and a hint of thyme, it gives the traditional Lemon Drizzle Cake a bit of twist and the hint of thyme gives a lovely, fresh complimentary flavour to the lemon.…

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Courgette, Lemon & Poppy Seed

Courgette? In a cake!? What manner of sorcery is this? I know. Courgette in a cake sounds weird. But, bear with me because it’s actually really good. If you didn’t know it was in there then you probably wouldn’t be able to tell because the lemon and poppy seed flavours in this cake dominate. But, what it does do is give the cake a wonderful moisture and a great texture. The reason…

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