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Paneer Tikka

I am all about the cheese. I’m one of those people whom, if you ask whether they had to give up one between cheese and chocolate, would give up chocolate in a heartbeat. There’s just so much variety of cheeses, and Paneer is a wonderful example of that. It’s a staple of Indian cuisine and appears in main dishes, appetisers and side dishes alike. It’s very similar to Halloumi in…

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Chorizo Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs are probably one of my favourite snack foods. I’m not entirely sure why they’re called Scotch Eggs since I don’t think they were invented in Scotland (in fact, Fortnum and Mason claimed to invent them back in 1783 – thanks Wikipedia) and they’ve never been near a whisky. But, whatever their origin, they’re an iconic picnic food and fantastic for lunches – especially a packed lunch. But you…

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Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings. No, you don’t realise. I love chicken wings. If a restaurant or take-away does chicken wings, then I have to get them. No matter where I am. However, as much as I love chicken wings, I hate deep fat frying. I don’t hate it for any health reason. No, no. Anyone who has met me will realise I don’t have the physique of someone who is finicky about frying.…

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