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Stilton & Bacon Loaf

Stilton and Bacon is a combination that go naturally together, with the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon and the strong tang of the stilton being used for a multitude of recipes including quiches, sauces, or for filling and wrapping chicken. But one of the best ways to combine these flavours are to incorporate them straight into a beautiful loaf of bread. Served warm with some butter, or as an…

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Breaded Prosciutto Chicken Breast stuffed with Stilton

Breaded chicken breasts, chicken breasts stuffed with stilton, chicken breasts wrapped in Prosciutto… I have made all of these many times over the years but I thought “what about if you did them all at once?” So I did! The result is an indulgent dish, but simple, dish that looks impressive and can be made on a weeknight for yourself or as the basis of a meal to serve to…

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Pork Burger with Apple & Stilton

I’ve tried plenty of burgers in my thirty*cough*something*cough* years on this planet, but I find that if you go into a restaurant you’ll see plenty of beef burgers, chicken burgers, and lamb burgers… but it dawned on me when taking a pack of Pork mince out of the freezer that you don’t see pork burgers as often, so I thought I’d go some way to filling that gap with this…

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Stilton & Walnut Rolls

You can’t beat nice, crusty white rolls. From a home for bacon and brown sauce to cure your hangover, to something you can dunk in your soup, or just with a bit of butter – they’re versatile and filling. But there’s more to life than just plain crusty rolls. One of my favourites are these Stilton & Walnut rolls which are brilliant with bacon, and stunning with soup. They take a little…

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