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Toast Curry from Pokemon Sword & Shield

Even if you’ve never ever played the games, seen the cartoon, or bought of the merchandise I can absolutely guarantee that you’ve heard from Pokemon! It’s in inescapable – from the hoards of Pokemon Go players that swarmed the streets to the recent Detective Pikachu film which was much better than it had any right to be, Pokemon is all around. And the most recent way to grab your money…

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Scrambled Egg & Avocado on Toast

Scrambled egg on toast is a classic combination, and avocado is so popular these days that hipsters have kind of made them into a bit of a running joke, but let’s put that to one side because avocados, while by themselves are a bit bland, are pretty versatile and full of very good oils and they, to me, have become a natural companion to egg, which I’ll demonstrate in the…

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Welsh Rarebit

Cheese on toast. It’s pretty much one of the ultimate foods here in Britain. Breakfast? Cheese on toast. Lunch? Cheese on toast. Dinner? Cheese on toast. Snack? Cheese on toast. It can be eaten at any time, and you can vary it up by using different cheeses, adding extras like Worcestershire sauce, onions, or whatever you fancy really. Welsh Rarebit, however, is basically cheese on toast taken a level up.…

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